Recruit Mail!

Want to know when your recruit mails you a letter? Or when they receive yours?

Tackling the mail delivery person may not be the best way to check if you received a letter from your recruit. Families of military recruits have taken the iconic AOL phrase, “you have mail,” and replaced it with, “where the #$@! is my letter from my recruit!

Although we can’t replace the USPS delivery schedule’s pace, we can assure you that your recruit’s letter is on its way. We are introducing LetterTrac, an approved USPS service providing real-time tracking for both your letters sent to your recruit and theirs on the way to you.

A LetterTrac tracking label contains a unique bar code that tracks the progress of any letter you send or receive from your recruit. 🇺🇸 OPSEC/PERSEC compliant, you can add the bar code label to any envelope. And no, your recruit won’t get in trouble for receiving and using the labels.

  • Family members can purchase pre-addressed LetterTrac labels for their recruits or we can mail them directly to your recruit within 48 hours.
  • Family members can purchase LetterTrac tracking bar codes so they can write their recruit immediately once they receive their address.
  • LetterTrac labels never expire and can be used on any approved USPS envelope or postcard (beyond recruit training).
  • First-class stamps can be purchased and mailed w/recruit labels.

How does it work – Apply a LetterTrac tracking label to any First-class envelope. An email or SMS 📣 alerts you the letter status 👇

Types of Alerts when your recruit mails YOU a letter:

  • Initial Alert: The date/time your recruit mails YOU a letter
  • Mid-way Alert: Estimated date of arrival
  • Arrival Alert: Letter arrives at your local post office

Types of Alerts when YOU mail your recruit a letter:

  • Initial Alert: Letter is processed at your local post office
  • Mid-way Alert: Estimated date of arrival
  • Arrival Alert: Letter arrives at recruit post office

Is this the same as Informed Delivery® by USPSNo. Informed Delivery only tells you when a piece of mail arrives ‘today.’ LetterTrac alerts you when a letter is mailed by your recruit and arrives at your post office.

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