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Separated Twins: Worth it after a few Months

Hello! My name is Melana Griffee, and my identical twin sister is Navy Recruit Maegan Muse. She left for training on March 17th, 2021! We grew up in New Bern, North Carolina, and call it our home today. Ever since we were able to talk, we have been best friends. We played sports together, were in… Read More ›


As the recruits touchdown in Chicago, IL and head towards RTC Great Lakes, their journey begins. Follow these recruits from ROM at Fort McCoy to their PIR destination (graduation). Produced by Duane Stanley (USN Veteran) using images adopted from RTC Public Affairs.

Leadership Traits in Recruit Training

Recruit boot camp is the toughest and most challenging training in the world. And often, the physical and mental challenges overshadow the most important aspect of training – the foundation of leadership. Recruits learn and practice leadership traits that will serve them in the military and their life. I want to share eight Christian leadership… Read More ›


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