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Military Bibles

We believe everyone deserves to be inspired! And what better place to start is in the Bible. We are blessed to work with the Armed Services Ministry and are able to provide complementary Bibles to recruits, active duty, veterans, and family members.

This compact ESV Bible contains a 75-day devotional written specially for Military members, along with maps, songs, hymns, prayers, and a β€œChristian Mission Essential Task List.” Anyone who completes the devotional challenge may request a commendation Challenge Coin. 

*We never charge for Bibles but do appreciate any donations toward shipping costs of $3.50 per Bible. DONATIONS

The 11General Orders and the Scriptures

Prayer Request Ministry

We would love to pray for you and your military service member. Prayer works! Prayer will get you through the anxious and fear of the unknown. Our team of prayer warriors will be praying for your loved by name.

Military Postcard Ministry

A message of hope, faith, and love can increase a person’s success going through a challenging time in their life. We deliver postcards to recruits and veterans, ensuring they are receiving weekly affirmations.

Could you help us with our postcard ministry by sponsoring a postcard? Choose from our collections of postcards, add a message, and submit – we do the rest.

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