Stories from our Military πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Motivational Warrior Quotes

Military quotes have an incredible intensity of courage and stamina around them. Originated by the brave men and women who fight in wars, face demanding environments, and support humanitarian efforts around the globe, it is no wonder we experience goosebumps when we hear or read their powerful words. The Way of the Warrior compiled the… Read More ›

The Phonetic Alphabet

The military phonetic alphabet uses 26 code words to represent each letter of the alphabet. The functionality of the Military Phonetic Alphabet is a communication tool for military and civilian people alike, most often used to detail error-free spelling by phone. Because many letters in the English language sound similarβ€”as in, β€œM” and β€œN” or… Read More ›

SemperToons to MCRD Recruits

When two USMC veterans come together, watch out. When an entire Marine Corps community joins forces, revelation is about to take place.  Gunny Wolf has been providing his iconic SemperToons caricatures and humorous cartoons for over 27 years.  Gunny’s goal now is to provide USMC recruits a bit of laughter amidst the chaos of the boot… Read More ›

Always Faithful, Always Toons

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” But it’s more than just an old tale β€” laughing can benefit your health. According to physicians, just a few minutes of laughter a day can improve your health in more ways than you might realize.  Laughing not only feels good, but it is… Read More ›

Military Spouses: A Hidden Talent

More than 50 percent of veterans are married. With a majority of American households now requiring two incomes to support a stable standard of living, any solution to help veterans transition out of the military must take into account the talent inherent in their spouses. Our returning veterans display tremendous levels of knowledge, skill and… Read More ›

Fast Mail, Fast Smiles

More than 700 million pieces of mail are sorted and delivered by the Postal Service each delivery day. And military base mail rooms sort through 50,000 to 100,000 letters per week. So how does each piece get from point A to point B? And more so, to your recruit or service member? The journey of… Read More ›

RTC Graduation Opens to Families

Can I get a βš“οΈ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ HOOYAH! According to the Navy Recruit Training Command they will re-open boot camp graduation, or the Pass-In-Review ceremony, for a limited number of family members and guests beginning with graduation ceremonies August 13. Each recruit may invite two guests (max, no exceptions) to attend in person. (Children 2 &… Read More ›

The Sailor’s Creed

The “Sailors Creed” was written by a “Blue Ribbon Recruit Training Panel” in 1993 at the direction of Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Frank Kelso, who personally participated in the final edit of the working group’s proposal. Admiral Kelso then directed that every recruit be given a copy and required to commit it to memory…. Read More ›


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