Navy to lengthen Basic Military Training

Navy recruits will complete 10 weeks of boot camp in 2022, rather than the eight weeks that have been the standard. (article adapted from

The additional two weeks of Basic Military Training at Recruit Training Command aboard Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois, will be devoted to the completion of a “Sailor for Life” module that targets the conversion from civilian to sailor, according to Capt. Dave Hecht, a spokesman for the chief of naval personnel.

“This will focus on character development through lessons in mentorship, small-unit leadership, professional and personal development, and advanced Warrior Toughness,” Hecht said in an email to Navy Times.

A few other changes in training and personal development are also slated for the new year. That includes expanding the Warrior Toughness training that recruits go through during boot camp to the entire fleet.

First introduced to recruits in 2018, Warrior Toughness is designed to help sailors perform in stressful situations and is based on concepts originally developed by Naval Special Warfare.

“The fleet-wide campaign will ensure all Sailors benefit from the psychological skills and character development needed to maximize their performance in challenging environments,” Hecht said.

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