Always Faithful, Always Toons

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” But it’s more than just an old tale — laughing can benefit your health. According to physicians, just a few minutes of laughter a day can improve your health in more ways than you might realize. 

U.S. Marine Corps PHOTO by Lance CPL. Samantha L. Jones

Laughing not only feels good, but it is also good for you. This “medicine” is fast, free and available to anyone. Proverbs 12:22 offers the same advice, “a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” 

From the outside, serving in the military can reflect a ‘laugh-free zone’ and has no room for fun and games. On the contrary, Amerian war hero General Chesty Puller uses humor to diffuse a tense moment during battle by declaring., “the enemy has us surrounded! They won’t get away this time!!”

Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, the most decorated Marine in the Corps’ history.

Meet another Marine Corps hero that mirrors General Puller’s enthusiasm by providing humor to everyone worldwide, especially the military community. Gunny Wolf is the founder of SemperToons and his recognizable cartoons and caricatures are featured in multiple military publications, online, and now, on postcards.

Here is Gunny’s Story

Gunny’s Motto: Selfless, and others before self

Since he could hold a pencil, Gunny Wolf has been drawing to inspire all those around him to be better. After joining the U.S. Marines, Gunny quickly realizes his talent as an artist provided even the most formidable fighting force in the world a bit of what he calls SemperToons’ laughter. “Hearing the laughter from my fellow Marines after seeing one of my SemperToons gave me the best feeling in the world. I never wanted that to go away.”

Gunny’s Iconic SemperToons’ caricature

SemperToons Mission

Gunny’s mission to inspire those around him gave birth to SemperToons and his mantra of, Always Toons. Gunny explains, “I believe everyone in the world needs exposure to a good laugh – every day, every minute, every second.” Gunny’s dedication to making SemperToons that laugh at that moment lives on – and gives him the honor to keep serving as a veteran.

Gunny knows the military can bring challenging moments for both service members and their families. “Let’s get through that moment together as a family bonded by morale and laughs.

Gunny’s SemperToons now provides family members of recruits an opportunity to bring some laughter to boot camp. And most likely, a few laughs from the drill instructors. delivers SemperToons to all branches 3x per week.

Thank you, Gunny, for your service. 

Always Faithful, Always Toons.

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