RTC Graduation Opens to Families

Can I get a ⚓️ 🇺🇸 HOOYAH! According to the Navy Recruit Training Command, they have lifted the masking mandate. There is no mask requirement for recruits, staff, and guests attending Pass-In-Review. And they have increased the number of guests (see below for update).

Your recruit will be calling home in the coming weeks for information to complete the guest security access form. Please have the name, date of birth, address, and phone number of the guests who will be attending.

Download Guest Security Access Form:

The number of guests allowed has increased to four unless there are 11 or more divisions when the maximum number of guests is three. If you have already submitted your guest security access form listing two individuals, please have additional guest information ready to provide to your recruit when they call.

All guests must have a ticket including active-duty personnel and veterans. (Children 2 & under do not count toward the guest limit.) COVID-19 immunizations are still required for guest attendance. Guests 12 or older need to provide proof of immunization (14 days post final dose,) in the form of a COVID-19 vaccination record card, to attend. If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, you will not be issued tickets and will not be able to attend graduation. 

REMINDER: Policies regarding the graduation ceremony can change at any time due to changes in our health protection status and policy. Please continue to follow RTC social media accounts for updates and check www.bootcamp.navy.mil for the most up-to-date information. For specific questions and inquiries, contact the RTC Public Affairs Office.

Please continue to follow RTC social media accounts for updates and check www.bootcamp.navy.mil for the most up-to-date information. (RTC Public Affairs)

image from RTC Public Affairs

The recruit graduation ceremony, also known as Pass-In-Review, is a formal military ceremony that honors a recruit’s hard work and dedication to a new way of life and ties together the future of the Navy with long-held Naval traditions and customs.

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According to Recruit Training Command public affairs, the recruits be allowed off-base liberty, however, as previously, the amount of time will depend on whether they are transferring to TSC for school or going out of state. We will post more liberty information next week on RTC’s official website and Facebook page.

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At the end of the seventh training week, recruits undergo a final evaluation called Battle Stations 21. This 12-hour event culminates in the award of a Navy ball cap to replace the recruit ball cap that each recruit wears during training. The symbolic change of hats indicates their status as Sailors in the World’s Finest Navy.

Courtesy of RTC Public Affairs

A special recruit division is responsible for performing musical pieces and drill routines at each boot camp graduation at Navy boot camp. Selection for this unit, the 900 Division, usually takes place within a week of the recruit’s arrival at the Great Lakes Naval Station for basic training.

Congratulations to all the new Sailors and their families. Our country is strong and safer because of the dedication of these young men and women who choose to serve our United States of America.

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