The Importance of packing

A mom’s insight:

My son left a month ago. He was completely prepared.

We ordered his labels (LetterTrac), bought stamps, we even ordered the stationery and he received envelopes as well. He had his 2 books for ROM and his moleskin for breaking in his boots. He even bought a cheap black watch. I’m telling you, he’s an Eagle Scout and he was prepared just like the scouts motto. As prepared as anyone can be.

So…fast forward a month later and I get a call this past weekend. Guess what?!!! Just guess! 😂 He put it ALL in the box. Everything!!!!! All he had was his wallet still on him.

He said that 1st night is so hectic and loud. You’re exhausted and your brain just shuts down. He didn’t consider what he needed to take out of his backpack and just stuffed the entire bag (with its contents) into the box.

MC5HGD 180404-N-IY633-100 GREAT LAKES, Ill. (April 3, 2018)

So, I implore you to go over the packing with your SR. Maybe have a gallon sized ziplock bag for them to pull out that are their things not to box up. That way, when they arrive the 1st night, they can remember to grab the one ziplock bag for ROM and Boot Camp. My son will get his stuff back after graduation but he isn’t writing right now because he lost it all to that dreaded box of doom and despair.

So…moral of the story. Don’t let your SR pull an “Evan”. Go over packing if they haven’t left yet. And know that the team at have your back whenever you need them. Sincerely, A grateful mother of a boneheaded

SRA.K.A. Jennifer

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