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The first lesson you learn in recruit boot camp is teamwork, and I want to tell you about Monday Delivery’s collaboration with the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN). helps families stay in touch with their recruits, and AUSN helps families advocate for policies that affect their sons and daughters while they serve. AUSN is also building a community of veterans who still care about the Navy, and resources that can help active duty and veteran Sailors make important decisions about education and health care.

AUSN is a proud supporter of Monday Delivery, and as a way of celebrating this teamwork, we want to offer everyone in our Monday Delivery family a chance to join AUSN and add their service member or recruit as a member for free.

AUSN NAVY magazine summer 2021

Joining AUSN does more than support policies that keep the Navy strong. It’s a great way to stay in touch with policy developments in Washington and lets you participate directly in these efforts. In May, for example, AUSN members helped develop a position paper on shipbuilding and the size of the Navy fleet that is being discussed by policymakers.

Members also receive NAVY magazine, and the summer edition is just about to be delivered to AUSN members. NAVY focuses on the people who make the Navy great, and the camaraderie that turns those who defend the nation at sea into a tight-knit family.

Is America coming back? Senators propose $25 billion for shipbuilders

AUSN Executive Director and Editor Jason Beardsley explains, “We have expanded our NAVY magazine to 80 pages of vibrant photos and stories that reflect our core values as a veteran organization. We can’t wait to get this new and improved edition into the hands of our members.

It is rare that one magazine can offer relevant content to so many readers,” said AUSN membership director Alyssa Sherman. “From active-duty, family member, and veteran, there is something for everyone.”

The three pillars of AUSN’s mission statement

Since 1954 AUSN has been the voice of the Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, and their families. Don’t miss your chance to join today and give your service member or recruit membership in a group that will always be there to serve them.

If you are active duty, a veteran, family member, or friend of the Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps, you can join AUSN today. For a limited time, family members can join and add their service member or recruit for free.

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