From Navy to Entrepreneur

Thirteen years ago, Mary Lujan decided to join the Navy, “I walked into the Navy recruiting office not knowing anything about the Navy. I just knew it was a way to get out of a small town and avoid college debt.” As Mary advanced through the ranks, reaching E-5, she became aware of the challenges female Sailors faced with hygiene and feminine products while maintaining a state of mission-readiness. She created Lulu’s Liberty to solve this problem.

AO2 Lujan

Lulu’s Liberty offers subscription boxes of hygiene and feminine products and everyday items to service members stationed worldwide. “Too many times during my deployments, I was not able to purchase things I needed as a female – forcing me to go without or use men’s products. Lulu’s boxes provide timely deliveries and offer products that bring comfort to the female service member.”

Mary Lujan, CEO/Founder of

When the draft ended in 1973, women represented just 2 percent of the enlisted forces and 8 percent of the officer corps. Today, those numbers are 16 percent and 19 percent, respectively, significantly over the past half-century (Source : Office of the Undersecretary of Defense). Although the military is making progress in the transition from a ‘man’s Army’ to a fully integrated female and the LGBTQ+ community, there remains a significant deficiency. 

Mary’s first-hand experience and love for her military family she jumped at the chance of creating her own business. “Owning my own business allows me the freedom to develop my products from a woman’s perspective. And more importantly, I can work from home and be around my kids.”

Mary honorably separated from the Navy in April 2021 and started her new business venture the same month ( “After 13 years of the Navy, I was blessed to have known so many wonderful people whom I call family today. I wanted to give back, and that’s how Lulu’s Liberty was born.”

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