Just Released 2021 Graduation Schedule

PIR/Graduations👇 through April 1st, 2021

  • Capping ceremony (recruits’ transition to full-fledged sailors) held at the end of the, “Battle Stations 21.”  Watch a video of a typical “Capping Ceremony” at US Navy Capping Ceremony – YouTube
  • Pass-In-Review ceremony (divisions march in formation before the Reviewing Officer, Commanding Officer and staff of Recruit Training Command).  This ceremony occurs late in the day on Thursday the scheduled week of graduation.  The ceremony is video recorded.
  • Virtual Pass-In-Review RTC ceremony video will be posted on Facebook and YouTube at 4:00 PM Central Time on Friday the week of graduation.  The video is available, “on-demand” any time after the original posting.  Our team schedules a Watch Party on Facebook so we can watch the Virtual Pass-In-Review together.  Register for Watch Parties
Remember to Schedule your last postcard by the Wednesday prior to the week of graduation.
  • Our team creates two additional videos for each training groups graduation.  The videos include,
    • “Pass-In-Review” Slide Show.  This slide show is made up of photos provided by Recruit Training Command, Public Affairs Office.  Photos include divisions marching in formation during the Pass-In-Review ceremony and typically close-up photos of some of the recruits before the ceremony.  See Videos
    • “Training Group Award Winners”  This is a listing of the Training Group award winners and any photos provided by RTC PAO of the award winners. 
  • *These two videos are posted on YouTube and available on the Saturday following the Training Group Pass-In-Review.  The videos are available at anytime after the time of posting which can be found in the event posted on Facebook.

2021 Recruit Training Command Graduation Schedule

NOTE: The dates listed here on this document are the divisions’ original graduation date. This list is NOT updated to reflect a division’s setback and new graduation date due to any additional quarantine time. Only the recruits may confirm their new graduation date, should there be one for their division. (RTC Public Affairs)

**Monday Delivery and Recruit Graduation Facebook pages & groups are not affiliated or officially endorsed by RTC, the Navy or DoD. We provide updates as a support resource to families. Please visit the official RTC FB page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/NavyRecruitTrainingCommand

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