A Postcard Prayer

I am often asked, “why did you start a military postcard company?” And in all fairness, it is a great question. My answer is simple. I believe God wants us to spread his message of hope and faith. And sending a simple postcard with a few words of inspiration and an image of love does exactly that. 

I started Monday Delivery to provide families the ability to choose from scriptures, quotes, and images that would immediately tell their recruits how much they believed in them. As a former Marine Corps recruit, I know how motivating it is to receive a letter from home – but more so, knowing that someone was praying for me and I had the strength of God on my side.

Recruit postcards delivered every M/W/F 💌

Our team of prayer warriors prays over each postcard before being mailed. We believe that our postcards are more than words and a picture, but carry God’s words to your loved one. Although our cards are delivered 5-7 days faster than a standard stamped letter – it is the power behind the delivery that defines our company’s principles of faith, hope, and love.

See our full collection of faith-based postcards

We would like you to join us in praying for the postcards sent out each week. Pray for the words and images being carried directly to a recruit from a parent, grandparent, spouse/fiancé, and sons & daughters. We ask you to pray for the recruit’s safety, strength and hope to finish strong.

We mail our postcards every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm EST. Set a reminder to send up a short prayer for our recruits & families.

We offer six ways to add images of family, friends, and yes pets 🙂

We know that God is present at boot camp and believe that prayer works. We pray for each one of you to have an amazing God-driven 2021. We believe big things are in store for you.

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