Recruit Memories are Forever

Recruit boot camp may only be nine to twelve weeks, but the memories will last a lifetime. 20-plus years later, I still have the letters my mother sent me. Mail from family and friends has proven to motivate a recruit at boot camp and beyond. 

My Airman was able see all the postcards sent to him during BMT in his digital Forever Gallery!

Air Force Mom

Technology makes it easy for military service members to communicate with loved ones, even when deployed half-away worldwide. The Forever Gallery brings a breakthrough sharing service that creates a digital archive of all the cards you send to your service member. Or, they send you.

  • Autosaves sent postcards to a secure/private postcard gallery
  • Postcards can be accessed by the recipient when they scan the QR code
  • All service members receive a free credit to send a card home

Once your recruit graduates, they can scan the QR Code (that funny black/white square) on any of their postcards. Once verified, they can access their Forever Gallery, and a free credit is added to their account.

Easily create your Forever Gallery by updating your Recipient’s profile.

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