4 Ways to Motivate your Service Member!

Recruit training can be challenging. Recruits will face many unexpected challenges Recruit training can be challenging. Recruits will face many unexpected challenges and difficulties but quickly adapt and overcome them. Over the 9-12 weeks of training, receiving letters from home offer the needed encouragement to keep your recruit pushing toward the ultimate prize – graduation and earning the title of a U.S. active-duty service member.

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I am often asked by family members what to write to keep them motivated? I encourage families to communicate with handwritten letters and a few postcards sprinkled in as much as possible. Over 20 years ago, I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp training and still have all my mom’s letters she sent to me.


Writing letters can be a challenge especially finding the right words to say. The first tip,Β don’t worry about the length of your letters, but more about the quality. The following are other helpful tips when writing to your loved ones to keep them motivated.

Here are 4 great tips on motivating your recruits!

MondayDelivery.com allows you to add up to four vibrant images to your postcard. Twin sisters separated by recruit training kept in touch using postcards. “My twin, Maegan enjoyed the postcards I sent – she said they kept her motivated and remained her of home.” (read their story)

The MondayDelivery.comΒ share Link Recipient ToolΒ allows you to share your recruit’s address with trusted family and friends. Β 

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