United States Navy Capping Ceremony

The last 24 hours of boot camp are the most anticipated and set the recruit’s final training stage. The reward is the Navy ball cap and the honor of serving our great country as a United States Sailor. Those last 24 hours go something like this:

The recruit receives their final briefing from the Recruit Division Commander on the meaning of earning the title of U.S. Sailor. As a division, the recruits march in formation to the sacred USS Trayer training vessel to begin the last crucible event, “Battle Stations 21”. Over the next 24 hours, they will test the past nine weeks of basic seamanship, damage control, firefighting, and emergency response. But more importantly, the seaman recruit will challenge their perseverance and spiritual toughness, both individually and as a team.

Images adopted from RTC/Navy Public Affairs

But before they officially complete this last stage of training, they watch an inspirational video of what is to come in the Navy fleet. Speakers offer congratulations, welcome them to the Navy family, and offer advice on their upcoming military journey.

Finishing together as a team, the division will stand together one final time for the Navy’s tradition, the capping ceremony. The recruit removes the RECRUIT ball cap, and simultaneously, the new Sailors dawn their new NAVY caps and recite the “Sailors Creed.” They are now United States Sailors. HooYah Navy!

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