A Recruit’s Thanksgiving Day Feast (and ♥️)

Mike Schultz, former Mayer of Boerne, TX, made a difference in Air Force boot camp recruits’ lives by inviting them to Thanksgiving day lunch. Mike and his wife provided a home-away-from-home for these young men and women through hugs, listening to their stories, and yes, letting them use their cell phones to call home. Mike Schultz has spent most of his professional career in the financial services industry. (listen to podcast below 👇)

He and his family moved to Boerne, TX, in 1993, coming from San Antonio, where they had started his public service career. Mike served on several YMCA committees and was President of the San Antonio YMCA.

Mike served on many church committees and boards. He continued his volunteer public service as Boerne’s mayor, elected in May of 2011, and held four terms ending May of 2019. Mike and his wife are retired but still actively running a real estate company.

I had the honor of interviewing Mike and learning more about his incredible journey as a public figure and supporter of our troops. Listen below 👇

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