The 5 Things Your Recruit Needs to Hear

1. How proud you are

The decision to join the military is a big deal! Less than one-half of 1 percent of the US population choose to serve. Tell your recruit how proud you are for their decision to serve our great nation.

2. They aren’t forgotten

In boot camp, it’s easy to feel forgotten and alone. Your recruit is going through something that feels overwhelming and intimidating. Let them know that you are always thinking of them & they could never be forgotten.

3. They can do this

It’s inevitable. At some point in time, your recruit is going to doubt whether they can finish and will want to give up. Your words will be what they repeat in their heads to push through. Remind your recruit that they are strong and can do anything they set their mind too.

4. What’s going on

Your recruit is totally disconnected from the outside world. They have no idea if their team is winning or what is happening around the world. Be sure to send them updates on their favorite things. It’s good for them to disconnect from their new environment and feel at home for a little bit.

5. You love them

The boot camp environment isn’t exactly loving. It’s a difficult and there aren’t very many emotional or “happy” moments. Your recruit needs to hear how much you love them and you can’t wait to hear from them.

Your recruit is waiting to hear from you.

Send a postcard today! πŸ’Œ

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4 replies

  1. Thanks for arranging the post card delivery for our recruits. I know it means a lot to them and it gives family and friends a feeling of doing our part to help our recruit know that we love them and are proud of the too. Bless our military and their families. Mike 199 Nana


  2. Wow this website is awesome! Thanks Andrew! Just sent a post card to my son


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