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Lynsey, Navy Spouse

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

My Son shipped 9/28 and up until now, the only communication was the one initial phone call. I was able to send him a postcard to let him know how much we loved him. I truly believe this will keep his spirits up on the rest of his journey. This has been a true blessing!

Military Mom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“On Time Delivery”

My son said the postcards made his week every time he received one during boot camp. He enjoyed seeing pictures from home of family and friends. He is now in A school and I still send them to him!

Military Family

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“Peace of Mind”

This is an amazing service to use! I have used it to send to my Navy recruit and a coast guard recruit. So easy to create my own good quality post card and know that it will arrive to them quickly. I highly highly recommend.

Navy/Coast Guard Mom

Separated Twins: Worth it after a few Months

Hello! My name is Melana Griffee, and my identical twin sister is Navy Recruit Maegan Muse. She left for training on March 17th, 2021! We grew up in New Bern, North Carolina, and call it our home today. Ever since we were able to talk, we have been best friends. We played sports together, were in… Read More ›

Air Force Recruit Beast Week

What is BEAST Week in Air Force Basic Military Training? It is a full five days of challenging and exhausting training. BEAST stands for “Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills and Training.” BEAST Week is designed to train your recruit in simulated combat deployment and help them understand what a real deployment may feel like or what they may… Read More ›

USMC Rifleman’s Creed

In enlisted boot camp at Parris Island or San Diego and the officer’s Basic School at Quantico, VA no one escapes from the Rifleman’s Creed. Every Marine is trained, first and foremost, as a rifleman, for it is the rifleman who must close with and destroy the enemy. The rifleman remains the most basic tenet… Read More ›


As the recruits touchdown in Chicago, IL and head towards RTC Great Lakes, their journey begins. Follow these recruits from ROM at Fort McCoy to their PIR destination (graduation). Produced by Duane Stanley (USN Veteran) using images adopted from RTC Public Affairs.

Leadership Traits in Recruit Training

Recruit boot camp is the toughest and most challenging training in the world. And often, the physical and mental challenges overshadow the most important aspect of training – the foundation of leadership. Recruits learn and practice leadership traits that will serve them in the military and their life. I want to share eight Christian leadership… Read More ›

Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base in the age of COVID-19

SOURCE: Kathleen Petty. Published: November 2020 When COVID-19 forced businesses and schools to shut down this spring, the military—known for its well-established systems not swift to change—had to shift quickly. Pausing Basic Military Training for any extended period of time was simply not an option, says Chief Master Sgt. Learie R. Gaitan, superintendent of basic training for… Read More ›

Your Recruit’s Valentine.

Love is many things — and being yelled at while at boot camp may not be one of them. I am confident the drill instructor follows the ‘tough love‘ strategy of building your recruit into a robust warrior through words of loving encouragement. And those chocolate-covered strawberries and home-made frosted heart cookies you would love… Read More ›

TRICARE COVID Vaccine Update

The Department of Defense (DoD), in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, has launched a program to provide COVID-19 vaccines to service members, retirees, and their families. Under this program, the DoD will distribute the vaccines through a series of phases. Who is getting the vaccine first? The first supply of the… Read More ›

Air Force Veteran is Recognized

It is always an honor to recognize our veterans for their ongoing support beyond active duty. Today we showcase Air Force veteran Mr. Alan Nunn. Meet Mr. Alan Nunn. He has been part of the Recruit Training Command, Public Affairs team for four years as an award-winning editorial assistant and lead writer. He was recently… Read More ›

COVID-19 Restrictions Lead to Successful Recruiting at Fort McCoy

ARTICLE SOURCE: NAVY CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ELIJAH G. LEINAAR Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Navy has taken great care to protect its newest recruits from the virus, establishing precautions and measures that enabled the service to graduate more than 17,000 recruits through boot camp since March. To support this mission-essential undertaking, sailors… Read More ›

Women in the Military

I had the honor of attending Officer Candidate School with Vernice Armour. Vernice is a former United States Marine Corps officer who was the first African-American female naval aviator in the Marine Corps and the first African-American female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces. She flew the AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter in the… Read More ›

Just Released 2021 Graduation Schedule

PIR/Graduations👇 through April 1st, 2021 Capping ceremony (recruits’ transition to full-fledged sailors) held at the end of the, “Battle Stations 21.”  Watch a video of a typical “Capping Ceremony” at US Navy Capping Ceremony – YouTube Pass-In-Review ceremony (divisions march in formation before the Reviewing Officer, Commanding Officer and staff of Recruit Training Command).  This… Read More ›

Recruit Family Bingo

Saying goodbye to your loved ones when they leave for recruit training can be challenging. But, there are some fun ways to pass the time while celebrating your recruit’s decision to join the military.  Recruit Family Bingo will keep you busy while counting off the days until graduation. You can also send your recruit a Recruit Bingo postcard… Read More ›

U.S. Capital Flag Program

The U.S. Capital flag program began in 1937 when a Member of Congress requested a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol. The program has since been extended to the general public, specifically to military servicemen and women. Flying a flag for a new service member is very popular with recruit families. I was… Read More ›

A Postcard Prayer

I am often asked, “why did you start a military postcard company?” And in all fairness, it is a great question. My answer is simple. I believe God wants us to spread his message of hope and faith. And sending a simple postcard with a few words of inspiration and an image of love does exactly that. … Read More ›

2021 – a Year of Connection

I was shocked that my team of veterans and active-duty spouses had to close our military travel agency due to the COVID virus six months ago. Although disappointed and a bit confused about what to do next, God blessed us with an amazing opportunity – sharing His message of hope and inspiration through postcards. Yes, postcards!… Read More ›

Are you a ‘Newbie’ to the Military?

Are you a ‘newbie’ to the military? Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the new military jargon and terminology? Don’t feel bad! The June 2020 edition of the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms has over 360 pages – and that doesn’t include the 1000s of informal acronyms and phrases service… Read More ›

Survival at Sea Training

Jump in! The water is fine. According to Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great lakes, recruits participate in a survival at sea training scenario in the USS Indianapolis Combat Training Pool as part of the hands-on learning curriculum. The training at RTC tests recruits on their war-fighting skills before they reach the fleet. Learn more about… Read More ›

Memories are Forever

Recruit boot camp may only be nine to twelve weeks, but the memories will last a lifetime. 20 plus years later, I still have the letters my mother sent to me. Mail from family and friends has proven to motivate a recruit both at boot camp and beyond.  Technology makes it easy for military service… Read More ›

4 Ways to Motivate your Service Member!

Not that I need to remind you that recruit training can be challenging. Recruits will face many unexpected challenges and difficulties but will quickly adapt and overcome them. I encourage you to communicate as much as possible – both handwritten letters and a few postcards sprinkled in. Over 20 years ago, I graduated from boot… Read More ›


It is on 10 November of every year that our Nation, our Corps and our Marines pay tribute to all the Marine Corps Birthday symbolizes. To help us celebrate the Birthday this year, we’re unveiling, for the first time ever, a brand new birthday running cadence. This Nation has a cadence born of more than… Read More ›

Christmas onboard the USS Constitution

The oldest commissioned warship afloat is the USS Constitution, which played a crucial role in the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812. She actively defended sea lanes from 1797 to 1855. When reading USS Constitution‘s early log books or journals, December 25th, as the Christmas holiday, frequently goes unremarked upon. In 1798, for instance, December… Read More ›

USS Tripoli Arrives in San Diego

The first ship I served on during my Navy journey was the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). The old girl is long gone, but has been replaced by the newest amphibious assault ship, USS Tripoli (LHA 7). I’m proud to have served on the USS Tripoli with an outstanding group of sailors and marines. The Navy’s… Read More ›

The 12-Days of Christmas at Boot Camp

The Drill Instructor may not be shouting HO, HO, HO but rest assured, the DI/RDC is the closest thing to Santa Claus (or grinch) your recruit will see this year. The new red is green camouflage, and the favorite holiday jingle is the military cadence (left, right, left). Celebrating the holidays in boot camp can… Read More ›

United States Navy Capping Ceremony

The last 24 hours of boot camp are the most anticipated and set the recruit’s final training stage. The reward is the Navy ball cap and the honor of serving our great country as a United States Sailor. Those last 24 hours go something like this: The recruit receives their final briefing from the Recruit… Read More ›

The “I am a Sailor” Call!

The most anticipated, “I am a Sailor” call, confirms that a Navy recruit has passed boot camp’s final evolution earning the title of United States Sailor. Recruit training is approximately 8 – 10 weeks long and includes physical fitness, seamanship, firearms, firefighting, and shipboard damage control. There are lessons in Navy heritage and core values,… Read More ›

Holiday for the Heroes ✈️

Serendipity is one way to describe my by-chance reading of a simple social network post by a stranger in November of 2019 (😳 has it been a year?) The LinkedIn post, shared by thousands, received international news media coverage and ultimately brought over 60 active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen Home for… Read More ›

“Hurry up and Wait” – there is an App for that.

When I left for Marine Corps boot camp in 1997, the Internet didn’t exist. My parents depended on sporadic scripted phone calls and letters to learn what was going on during my 12-week training. Fast-forward, a few decades (has it been that long), family and friends have a vast number of recruit training websites, social… Read More ›

My First Thanksgiving in the Navy

Before joining the United States Navy, I gathered with family and friends for a traditional Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving was a time to reflect and be thankful, enjoy a hearty meal and the company of others. The following is a Sea Story about my first Thanksgiving in the Navy. On November 26th in 1971, I… Read More ›

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